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Reading Notes: Santal Folklore, Reading B

The Tigers and the CatThis story was a rollercoaster. I really enjoyed reading when the cats and tigers were friends and it really seemed like all the tigers were being mean to the cat because there were more of them and they were bigger but I have to admit that I liked the ideas that cats and tigers would have been friends and would have enjoyed to work together to hunt. The other thing that this story does really well is to explain why the creatures do what they do. It makes sense and if you know anything about any of the animals it lines up pretty well with what they do in real life or at least what they seem to do in real life. The story also makes sense in a way in a fantastical sort of way but it does make sense that the tigers would enjoy cooked meat and find it as an insult that they would have to eat the meat raw. As a person I would probably feel the same way however in this story it seems more like not only were the tigers mean but they also lacked patients. Despite the cat…

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